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How To Lift Right

THE 2018 GUIDE TO GAINS 💪👇 This guide was curated for the lifter who trains for AESTHETICS. So if you wanna get stronger, and look good doing it👀READ ON 👇 1️⃣ SAFE FORM = I put this one first because it’s saved lives. 🙏 Getting your form right is crucial. Using strict form keeps you safe, and actually helps you lift better and get stronger! Not to forget, it ACTIVATES THE MUSCLE we are training! 🔥 As someone who has ego-lifted with sloppy form enough, I can assure you that having stronger form almost ALWAYS translates into stronger lifts. You will be safer and the set will be more predictable. 🌟 Always be able to pump out 3 reps with...

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3 Signs Your Fitness Program Is A Fad

It's time to E X P O S E  T H E 🐂💩 Does something feel off about your trainer or fitness program? Chances are it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️As a creator, and fool by experience, I can tell you that the fitness industry has more “gimmicks” and fads now more than ever. 😱These are made PURELY FOR MARKETING PURPOSES TO SELL MORE PROGRAMS. They will provide you little to no results. 😭Here’s how you find the harsh truth 👇 1️⃣ WEIRD WORKOUTS 🏋️‍♀️ Are you doing some crazy kung-fu shit in the gym that’s too shaky for a camera to catch? 😂Well, if your workouts are making you do the “worm” to build your back, they’re probably bullshit. 😕 In all...

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How To Eat Anything And Lose Fat 🔥

Hey guys, this is what you’ve been waiting for...😋 So we're gonna be breaking this whole process down to just 3 simple steps which you can execute on a daily basis and see some pretty awesome results!  STEP 1: F A S T 🔥 First, you need to know how many calories you’re gonna lose fat at. Multiply your body weight in pounds with 12 and voila! 😊 You are also allowed to go lower in calories for faster fat loss, just multiply your weight with 10 or 11, conversely you can go higher by multiplying with 13. Anything above that would just be "maintenance" honestly, always leave a 100-200 calorie for miscalculations or just an emergency buffer, in case...

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How To Get In Shape In 2018 (The Fun Way 😁)

Here's some of the most useful content I have created for you guys. It's been curated from my Instagram and elaborated upon for this Blog Post format. i hope you enjoy it and better your lives.❤️ STEP 1: Get Stronger 🏋️ This is the basis of how your will build your physique. Consistently making strength, hence muscle gains in the gym. But you know that! 🤷🏻‍♂️What Else? It's not as easy as it sounds, but let me make it a lot easier by telling you a secret none of the "fitness gurus" are gonna spill: Go Easy. 😱 That's right. GO EASY NOT HARD. What you have to understand with strength gains is that it's a mental game just as...

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