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About Us

What started as a simple blog on WordPress in 2016, turned into something more. 

This company was started to bring fitness into the mainstream like never before. We believe in honing down your training to the essentials and not be a slave to the gym. Which is why we cater to everyday people looking to get that healthy, lean, and mean physique without using supplements, steroids, or a training or diet routine which takes over their life. 🙄

Inspiring people to change their mind and hence their body.

At our official store, we have brought you the aesthetic essentials you need to build the best version of you in the gym. From Training Programs to the clothing needed while following the programs, and even the gym equipment you need to take in your bag when going to set those PRs. 🏋️‍♀️

We value our Foolz success over everything. Hit us up on any of our social media accounts, or chat with the customer support team (they're pretty fit).😀

- Raunek Pratap 

CEO and Founder